All Included Northvakt Town pack


The complete Northvakt kickstarter.


The Northvakt kickstarter late pledge includes everything released during the campaign accoording to the “The Earl of Northvakt” pledge.
For more information regarding the kickstarter check out the link below:

The following is included in this pack:

-16 building STL-files from small to very large in size.
-45 prop STL-files from small to large in size.
-Inter-connectable dock STl-files consisting of 10 unique parts from which you can assemble your own docks along the shoreline.
-Inter-connectable palisade wall consisting of 10 unique parts to create your own amazing fortification.

PS: All products on this website are supplied as a 3D print-file, and will be available directly after purchase. Because of this it is not possible to return this product and no money back guarantee can be given.