By visiting the website information regarding the customers device, web browser, time zone and IP address are collected. During browsing information about the visited web pages and viewed products will be stored in the database log.

Logged Information:
Information will be stored while browsing 3Dlayeredscenery. This information includes the customers IP-address, browser type, Internet and service provider, visited pages with date and time stamps.

When visiting 3Dlayeredscenery cookies will be stored on the customers device, for more information regarding cookies, see: What are Internet Cookies and What Do They Do? | Webopedia

Order Information:
During checkout the following personal information about the customer is collected, First name and Last name, (optional) Company name, Billing address, email address. The customer will be requested to make a Username during checkout to save the purchase on the account and access the products.

Order information:
Information regarding a customer’s order will be maintained on the website, unless if the customer asked for this information to be deleted. A copy of the order will still be maintained in our database for tax declaration.

How do we use the customer information?
1) To communicate with the customer
2) Processing the customer’s order
3) Advertise the products by newsletter, when opted in by the customer.
3) Handle our taxes
4) Collected device information is used to screen potential risk, fraud and other malicious acts.

The privacy statement may be amended from time to time. it is a requirement that the customer is aware of the statement whenever he or she uses the website. The responsibility for this lies with the customer.